Dynamic advertising that turns ridesharing into an experience.

Businesses can target their demographic by choosing what zip code they want their ad to show to based on their destination. They can also choose what day their ad runs.

Hyper Local
Are you off the grid? Have a legion of fans and would like a few more? WE WANT YOU! Don’t worry, we promise to send only cool people to you. We also offer free ads for a certain amount of non-profit organizations that benefit the community.


Traditional advertising meets digital advertising. Your ad will show on an interactive kiosk that sits between the two front seats for everyone in the back to see. Weather and community events will also show on the tablet to enhance passenger interest.

Born in Ann Arbor you know it's gonna be techy and creative.
For Advertisers
Why Ryde Media?
Interactive & Relevant

Geographical and timing options to ensure your ads make an impact.

Captured audience

The passenger can’t escape your ad unless they want to jump out of a moving car. #splat

Actual impressions

Unlike many web ads that never get seen and social media ads that are seen while your audience is on a couch.

For Uber Drivers
Why Ryde Media?
Make more money

You’ll earn up to 50% of the revenue for the ads you display during trips. Revenue sharing coming soon!

Useful for riders

Ads, events, and weather are all local and relevant to your passengers and enhance their experience!

You'll look like a baller

Let’s face it, iPads are sexy. You can use your own iPad! We also have leasing programs.

From the Blog
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Unlike the others
Focus on Community

Unlike other tablet based rideshare advertising companies, Ryde Media is community based, and designed with the community, local economy and passengers in mind.

Unlike the Others
Community Matters

“Who wants to see Nike ads in an Uber car?

I’d rather see local #beer specials.”

This is just the beginning
Location and Community Based Advertising is the Future
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